Sep 1, 2009


Seeing as podcasts have recently become the dominator of body boarding film industry few of the main reasons being its simple easy free and you can watch all the latest body boarding footage within a few clicks of downloading then its prety much in your pocket when every you need or want it.
So on that note inverted bodyboarding and pj hadley (creator/editor/filmer) of hauns have teamed up to bring you monthly updates of body boarding in the local scenne of the sunshine coast and other trips they have ventured on .
It is one of my favourite podcasts so to get your hands on these badboys follow these simple instructions below to be moments away from having these sick podcasts to get you pumped for your next surf.
Open iTunes>> Click iTunes store>> Click Podcasts>> Search>> Inverted>> Subscribe>> and downland the episodes>> Sync you iPod/ iPhone>> Enjoy Make sure that you subscribe to them to ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest ones coming soon.

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