Jul 5, 2010


Heres a handfull of my favorite new photos

eli steel

tim roy




May 3, 2010

Movement Mag Gromtrip

well my clip has been put into the Movement Magazine gromtrip along with many other of my peers for a chance to travel away with a photographer and writer from the magazine on a trip and you know the deal.
would be such a sick experience.
So any way heres my vid hope you find it doesn't disturb/annoy you to much.

Michael Carter Movement Profile from Brodie Miatke on Vimeo.

thanks every one who has supported me so far its greatly appreciated.

Apr 11, 2010


mr pj hadley has made him self a blog its surely going to be very entertaining he has all ready posted a few clips so check it out.

Apr 7, 2010


spectrum is a new clip from aspiring filmer brodie miatke this is his first edit other than my last clip pretty good effort from the 15 year old well worth a watch so here it is enjoy.

Spectrum from Brodie Miatke on Vimeo.

Hanus summer

been a while since the last hanus but it has been well worth the wait check out the new hanus summer below.

HANUS SUMMER from pjhadley on Vimeo.


Mar 13, 2010

Inverted sale

Sale 12th- 14th March.

All Summerset Jumpers are half price or buy one full price and receive a Summerset tee for free!

I am none tee’s are down from $59.95 to $45

Unite Jumpers are half price and also buy any Unite product and receive a FREE Unite sticker.

All PE Inverted boards are now $250. Selected No 6, Custom X and Nomad boards have been reduced to $250 and selected Pride, Cartel and Turbo boards have been reduced to $300.

All Inverted Rash Vests are 20% off, so get some warmth before the early morning chills start kicking in.

All Vipers are down from $100 to $50!! There is ONE pair of medium yellow and blue Churchill’s here for $60 down from $90.

FREE Stickers with every board purchase.

10% off on everything

Mar 11, 2010




Zack at small kings






just a few average shots of pj groveling kings

Mar 10, 2010




seems to be a word used allot to do with me at the moment.
1 being i broke my collar bone at a mates 18th meaning 4 weeks of being in a sling and not surfing.
2 a camera getting broken witch results in me being extremely bored.
So i have decided to pass time until new cam body gets here to re organize my files and i have stumbled across a ridiculous amount of photos that i have to do so ill try and get as many as i can up here for your viewing pleasure seeing as there nothing else to look at on here thats some what visually appealing any ways i shall have some posts with pics over the next few days.

Feb 21, 2010


hey sorry ive been so boring as of late
im not going to promise consistent blog updates like always but ill try to get this more interesting nothing as of new lately been some fun waves along the coast with less crowds seeing as every ones scoring in amazing hawaii congrats to joey for getting to second round pretty crazy considering he is only 16 years of age possible the youngest competitor this year and dew for killing it so far sounds like hes been a massive stand out this year so hopefully a big year ahead for both local sunny coasters.

in other news an old site is on its return some of you might rember it from its golden days some of you didn't even know of its existence yes thats right fluid-zone is coming back thanks to Phil G the man behind many things such as le boogey.
he seems to be giving the sport another step up its already streaming live footage of this years turbo pipeline pro so make sure you free up some time to check it out at fluidzone.com

also dont forget to get on to invertedbodyboarding.blogspot.com to get updated on deals at the shop and also interesting and time killing information and facts to help kill the net boredom.

and benleewontsing.blogspot.com to get updated on hes stay at hawaii also packed with amazing images and some interesting information.

Jan 22, 2010

Insane Inverted SALE!!

Huge Sale starting at Inverted tomorrow is crazy every board in the store is being reduced they have have 3 piles - $250 Boards, $200 Board & a bargain pile for $150 boards.

Some of the boards you will find are;
4Play HPS Tri-Core Boards RRP$419.95 REDUCED $250
Pride Combo 909 Class RRP$399.95 REDUCED $250
Hot Buttered Brad Huges RRP$389.95 REDUCED $250
Elit' SD2 RRP$399.95 REDUCED $250
Nomad Glen Thurston PE RRP$319.95 REDUCED $200
Cartel Toby Player PE RRP$349.95 REDUCED $200
Empire Josh Garner PE RRP$319.95 REDUCED $200

PLUS just as you thought i couldn't get any better all Unite & Summerset Tee's REDUCED $30, and All Backpacks $50
And many more to select from be sure to get in quick before your board is gone. Doors open at 9am.
plus they have recently gotten the fever dream the muscial tickets for $15 movie trailer makes the movie look likes its gunna be amazing so also grab yourself on of those while your in there so get to inverted before its to late for you to have your new board.


Dec 25, 2009


Headed south satiestfyd h the other day for junior pro didn't pull up to well in the comp but i was soaked with the waves we scored on the way down and all they camping vibes and what not other then that thats all thats been happening with me lately also merry xmas to all of those who read this blog hopefully we receive good waves for the next year as a Christmas present.

Dec 10, 2009

For sale

in desperate need of cash for new wetsuit atm so i am selling my old board 40 inch empire duo pe single stringer 60/40 rail graduated channels nose-bulbs nose and tail bumpers has had a fair bit of usage but still in really good condition and still rides as it did when fist purchased plus has inverted team stamp and stickers usually retails around $280 or more. $150 cash in hand pick up or arrange a meeting
contact me threw any of these





The other week me jacob perry and couple others packed up and headed south of the border in search of waves happened to score a wave 3 days straight all was well into the car nick (nick Rubesamme)was driving shit it self and committed suicide leaving them to pack up and leave the trip the same morning they arrived leaving us to pumping waves for the arvo and the next day here are a couple of the images i snapped up down there.

perry and bruno



Nick R

Jacob perry

Nick R



Inverted has currently received a heap of 2010 inverted basket ball shorts and new shirts so head into inverted body boarding sc to check them out. also to keep updated with all the lastest team shop and stock happenings check out the blog and follow


couple of frames from fun groyne
kooking it


Nov 17, 2009


ive been really slack with posts just haven't had the time with school and what not but ill shall give you something to read from this point on consider it as fresh start to my blog any ways for thoose who actually read this plenty off funny photos shall be uncovered over the next few days and weeks stay tuned

Oct 8, 2009


sorry for the people who actually check my blog i have been slack as of late with with posts and what not but i tried to get something to get something for you to kill time looking at in your brief time on my blog ill try and get some of my tourist photos of bali up and some other funny stuff of some people doing funny shit in the mean time i leave you with a photo of a random bike and couple of other things.

Sep 22, 2009

Sep 11, 2009


So far its been amazing good waves scored pumping changu today and amazing cheap food while shooting rodent dogs and cows with bb guns and other shenanigans that have gone down all in all so far a amazing trip yew cant wait for tomoro ill update you soon yeww

Sep 5, 2009


Random pics from my venture south just browsing my laptop and found these cant wait to go back.


mistics track

its so warm in the mornings

drink driving?

some rare bridge ive never seen before

also thanks bryce for letting me stay

Sep 1, 2009


Seeing as podcasts have recently become the dominator of body boarding film industry few of the main reasons being its simple easy free and you can watch all the latest body boarding footage within a few clicks of downloading then its prety much in your pocket when every you need or want it.
So on that note inverted bodyboarding and pj hadley (creator/editor/filmer) of hauns have teamed up to bring you monthly updates of body boarding in the local scenne of the sunshine coast and other trips they have ventured on .
It is one of my favourite podcasts so to get your hands on these badboys follow these simple instructions below to be moments away from having these sick podcasts to get you pumped for your next surf.
Open iTunes>> Click iTunes store>> Click Podcasts>> Search>> Inverted>> Subscribe>> and downland the episodes>> Sync you iPod/ iPhone>> Enjoy Make sure that you subscribe to them to ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest ones coming soon.

Aug 16, 2009


You be the judge


last night me and Alex 'twin' Jackson rolled over to joeys to hang for a while. we were soon joined by Steven 'tubba ' Venn and Ryan 'rhino' Stephens where is some of the images i caught in the brief time i was there.



slow shuttercreeping



Joey feeding his fire


the rest