Jan 22, 2010

Insane Inverted SALE!!

Huge Sale starting at Inverted tomorrow is crazy every board in the store is being reduced they have have 3 piles - $250 Boards, $200 Board & a bargain pile for $150 boards.

Some of the boards you will find are;
4Play HPS Tri-Core Boards RRP$419.95 REDUCED $250
Pride Combo 909 Class RRP$399.95 REDUCED $250
Hot Buttered Brad Huges RRP$389.95 REDUCED $250
Elit' SD2 RRP$399.95 REDUCED $250
Nomad Glen Thurston PE RRP$319.95 REDUCED $200
Cartel Toby Player PE RRP$349.95 REDUCED $200
Empire Josh Garner PE RRP$319.95 REDUCED $200

PLUS just as you thought i couldn't get any better all Unite & Summerset Tee's REDUCED $30, and All Backpacks $50
And many more to select from be sure to get in quick before your board is gone. Doors open at 9am.
plus they have recently gotten the fever dream the muscial tickets for $15 movie trailer makes the movie look likes its gunna be amazing so also grab yourself on of those while your in there so get to inverted before its to late for you to have your new board.


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