Feb 21, 2010


hey sorry ive been so boring as of late
im not going to promise consistent blog updates like always but ill try to get this more interesting nothing as of new lately been some fun waves along the coast with less crowds seeing as every ones scoring in amazing hawaii congrats to joey for getting to second round pretty crazy considering he is only 16 years of age possible the youngest competitor this year and dew for killing it so far sounds like hes been a massive stand out this year so hopefully a big year ahead for both local sunny coasters.

in other news an old site is on its return some of you might rember it from its golden days some of you didn't even know of its existence yes thats right fluid-zone is coming back thanks to Phil G the man behind many things such as le boogey.
he seems to be giving the sport another step up its already streaming live footage of this years turbo pipeline pro so make sure you free up some time to check it out at fluidzone.com

also dont forget to get on to invertedbodyboarding.blogspot.com to get updated on deals at the shop and also interesting and time killing information and facts to help kill the net boredom.

and benleewontsing.blogspot.com to get updated on hes stay at hawaii also packed with amazing images and some interesting information.

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